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Specialist, experienced, real-world, affordable advice and support, particularly to help NFP organisations to evolve and transform with
clear direction and greater impact.


I'm a lifelong contributor to leadership in Australia. I'm a senior executive who's led large, complex organisations and small specialist NFPs. I've helped lead Australia-wide transformations, developed intense expertise as a Board Director across a broad spectrum of high-profile organisations, and I've helped organisations build and sustainably grow their mission.  I've been honoured to be awarded an Order of Australia. I'm a Williamson Alumnus and an AICD Fellow. I have multiple post-graduate qualifications, and have graduated multiple executive education experiences from Harvard University.  Let's explore collaboration and leadership to help the world be a better place - for everyone. 



My vision is "better progress through better leadership". I seek to use my lifetime of leadership experience to help individuals, boards and organisations make progress.   I'm based in Victoria Australia, but my focus is often Australia-wide and beyond. To work together on the challenges you're facing or we all face, please contact me:



Feel free to get in touch. Let's explore collaboration for leading progress. 

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